About Young Life

Young Life is a world-wide organization that has been present in the Peace Country for over 30 years. Young Life staff and volunteers spend hours of their week building mentoring friendships with teenagers. They desire to help teens develop into mature young adults who will deal effectively with the challenges of life and make significant contributions to their families, friends, and communities. This is accomplished by:

  • offering safe expressions of fun and adventure

  • helping teens discover themselves in a new and accepting environment

  • providing adult mentors

  • modelling healthy, purposeful lives

  • presenting the Christian faith with openness and respect

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Fun and Adventure

Fun, adventure, and humour have been an important part of Young Life since it began in 1941.  Whether it is singing along at Young Life Clubs, watching funny skits, taking part in high energy games, spending time at a ski hill, hanging out at the mall, or playing video games, there is always lots to do at Young Life.  A highlight of the year is RockRidge Canyon, Young Life's premiere summer camp where teenagers can get their heart going on the 2200' zip line or relax by lounging at the pool with their friends.

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Lifelong Friendships


Many great friendships begin at Young Life. Teenagers make friends not only with peers, but also with Young Life Leaders. Leaders are dedicated adults who volunteer over 600 hours a year. Not only do Leaders run Young Life's quality programs, but they also earn the right to be a positive influence by spending time in the world of teenagers. Young Life Leaders can be found volunteering in schools, watching sporting events, hanging out at the multiplex, or anywhere else teenagers spend their time.

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Real Conversation


McDonalds after a Young Life club, at one of our after school discussion groups, over a quick lunch, over a long coffee: these are just some of the places Young Life leaders can be seen having conversations with teenagers. While there is plenty of talk about sports and music, Leaders and teens also discuss relationships, leadership development, and how to make a positive impact in our community. Finally, Leaders spend time communicating God's love in terms teens can understand.