Young Life Programs

Everything Young Life does can be summed up with what we call the "Four C's": Contact Work, Club, Camp, and Campaigners. Through these programs, Young Life provides teenagers a safe place to be themselves and push their limits.

Contact Work

Young Life Leaders don't just wait for kids to show up. Instead, they go into the world of teenagers to earn the right to be a positive influence. Whether it be by volunteering in schools, cheering and watching sporting events, hanging out at the multiplex, or simply going anywhere that teenagers spend time, Young Life Leaders make themselves available and approachable. Contact work is what makes Young Life unique and effective.


Club is what many people have in mind when they think about Young Life. Club has been described as "controlled chaos" and "a party with a purpose." Leaders and teenagers sing songs (very loudly and very badly), play high energy games, and watch funny skits. At the end of club, a Leader gives a short talk based on a story about Jesus from the Bible.


Camp is an outstanding feature of the Young Life program. In the summer, Leaders and teenagers go to RockRidge Canyon but Young Life also has smaller trips throughout the year. Getting out of town helps to build positive relationships. Being away from the distractions of life gives teenagers time for personal reflection and a break from the stresses of life. At camp, Leaders and teens also take some time to talk about spirituality and faith.


Campaigners is the name given to Young Life's weekly discussion groups. Leaders and teenagers talk about what is going on in each other's lives and take a closer look at aspects of the Christian faith. At Campaigners we also discuss how teenagers can make a positive impact in their school and peer community. Our goal with Campaigners is to help teenagers become effective leaders in their schools, families, communities and churches.