RockRidge Canyon

RockRidge Canyon is Young Life's premiere summer camp located just outside of Princeton, British Columbia. With a custom built lake, an outdoor pool, three hot meals served to your table (and a work crew to do the dishes), linens on the beds, and a coffee shop, RockRidge is more resort than summer camp. Whether it is taking part in epic wide games, rocking out with 300 of your best friends at club, playing foosball in the games room, wake boarding, lounging by the pool, shooting hoops, getting launched off the blob, going on a hike, or bombing down the 2,200' zipline, there is always plenty to do at camp. No wonder many campers describe their time at RockRidge as "the best week of my life!"

Contact us to find out about upcoming camps. There are opportunities not only for teenagers but also for adults to visit RockRidge.

To get a registration form for RockRidge Canyon, talk to a Young Life leader or contact us. If you are already registered for a trip and need a health form, click here.

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